About me

Welcome to Your Real Estate Academy.com.

Where you will discover everything you ever wanted to know about real estate but were afraid to ask. Here is the place to ask questions and learn everything you need to become an educated real estate investor because owning your own home is an investment in your family wealth.

My name is Debbie Mcgrann. I am a real estate agent in Maryland and team leader of the Reap Advantage Team serving all 50 states.

My purpose is to teach you the home buying process step by step so you will start your home search with knowledge and confidence. I will have information available for you to download and review.

I created Your Real Estate Academy in order for potential home buyers to have a convenient central location with all the information available to you on your schedule
I have prepared a series of online lessons about the home buying process. These lessons will cover:

Why you should own your home

What if you have a low credit score

What if you have had a bankruptcy

What if you have had a foreclosure

What if you have student loans

How do you get started

How much house can you afford

How much down payment do you need

Where should you buy your own home

When is the best time to buy a home

Who should buy a home

Who can help me?

That’s easy! I can help you. My team and I are honored to help you start building wealth for your family thru homeownership.

If you are ready now to discuss your homeownership plan call me today to schedule a buyer’s consultation.