Who should buy a home and who can help me?

Good Morning Future Homeowners! I’m glad you could join me today!

Welcome to Your Real Estate Academy where you will learn everything you wanted to know about real estate but were afraid to ask. You will find the answers to all your questions here.

My name is Debbie McGrann. I created Your Real Estate Academy as a place for future homeowners to learn about the home buying process. You will be provided with important information so you can start your home search with knowledge and confidence.

Today’s question is Who Can help me buy a home?

The answer is easy, I CAN HELP YOU BUY A HOME!  My team and I would be honored to help you buy a home anywhere in the US.

I am a real estate agent and team leader for the Reap Advantage Team with Coldwell Banker Reality. 

When I first meet with potential home buyers, one of their first questions to me is:

How long have you been in real estate? A fair question.

I have been involved in real estate forever! As a child, I listened as my parents discussed the management of their rental properties.

I was encouraged by my parents and grandparents to buy my own home as soon as possible so I could begin to build wealth for my family.

I was 22 when my husband Jim (he was 25) and I bought our first home.  Our starter home was a small 2-bedroom, 2 bath townhouse located close to our families but in a new county from where we grew up. We chose this county because of the lower property taxes.

After 4 years and a baby, Jim and I moved up the property ladder to a single family home with a yard. This house was located in a planned community with strict homeowner rules (HOA) I did not like the HOA rules. After 8 years and a second child, we moved to our forever home, where we live today.

Following the example of our family, Jim and I invested in a rental property and provided affordable housing thru our county housing program.

I believe so strongly in home ownership to create family wealth that I earned my real estate license in order to help others purse their American Dream! I am a certified buyer’s agent and new construction home agent.  I continually take classes to keep up to date on all real estate topics such as: fair housing, down payment assistance programs, housing programs for seniors and the disabled. I am a certified SmartCredit instructor with the government housing agency Freddie Mac (this allows me to teach consumers about the importance of credit and how to manage their credit). The agents on my team and I are trained as military relocation specialists. I have helped many veterans and military families purchase homes using the special programs they are entitled to.

Who is on my team?

  1. My team has experienced professional real estate agents in every state. The agents can refer you to lenders who believe in your home ownership dream and will help you develop your home ownership plan to get you in your new home as soon as possible
  2. I have title companies ready to help you with the legal work involved in the settlement of your new home and ready to hand you the keys!

Every agent on my team has a CARE team of trusted Home inspectors, moving companies, painters, to help you during your purchase process and after- we are here for you when needed

From your buyer’s consultation with me or one of the agents on my team to your settlement day, my team is with you every step. 

My goal for this year is to help 100 families become homeowners and get them started on building their family wealth!  Are you ready to one of the buyers? 

Let’s get started today on your home ownership plan. Go on our website, Your Real Estate Academy. com and take our home buyer quiz. There is also a lender contact log for you to record the details of your discussions with lenders. I would advise not contacting too many lenders and start with the one your real estate agent recommends. Your real estate agent has experience with different lenders that work with the many home buying programs.

If you are ready to start your home search, call me for a buyer’s consultation and let’s get you started building wealth for your family through home ownership!  I look forward to hearing from you soon.