When is the best time to buy a home?

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Today’s question is: When should you buy a house instead of renting?

If you are renting, you should buy a house NOW. Buy now to stop losing money paying rent- start building wealth for your family as soon as possible.

When is the right time of year to buy a home? In some areas of the country, the real estate market is seasonal. More houses are listed and sold in the Spring and Summer. The activity slows down during the Fall and Winter.

In my state of Maryland, it is common for families to want to be settled in their new home before school starts in September. This causes a very competitive market in Spring. As a buyer, if you can wait until after September to buy your home, you may have less competition from other buyers and lower prices. The high demand for houses in the Spring can lead to higher prices.

My example: My daughter and her family were searching for a new home. They had narrowed down their search to a specific neighborhood. However, when they were looking in the Spring, the houses were priced out of their budget. I told them to wait until September. I told them, “When the leaves begin to fall, the prices begin to fall”. That is exactly what happened! A house they liked came onto the market in October at a lower price and it was in their budget! They faced competition from another buyer but I was able to negotiate a good deal for the seller and my client, my daughter and her husband, got the house! They moved into their new home in November.

Sellers who list their houses in the Fall and Winter usually have a strong reason for moving. Maybe a job transfer or other life event where they can’t wait until Spring to sell their house. This is an opportunity for buyers.

In summary,

1. Buy your home as soon as you can to start building family wealth

2. Think about waiting until the Fall or Winter when there is not so much competition for houses and the prices may be lower.

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