When is the best time to buy a home?

Debbie McGrann

Debbie McGrann is a real estate agent and team leader for the Reap Advantage Team with Coldwell Banker Reality.

Debbie has been involved in real estate forever! As a child, she listened as her parents discussed their rental properties. She was encouraged by her family to buy her own home as soon as possible.

Debbie was 22 when she and her husband Jim (he was 25) bought their first home. Their starter home was a small 2 bedroom, 2 bath townhouse located close to their families but in a new area from where they grew up. They choose this area because of the lower property taxes.

After 4 years and a baby, Debbie and Jim moved up the property ladder to a single family home with a yard. This house was located in a planned community with strict homeowner rules (HOA). After 8 years and a second child, Debbie and Jim moved to their forever home, where they live today.

Following the example of her family, Debbie and Jim invested in a rental property and provided affordable housing thru their county housing program.

Debbie believes so strongly in home ownership to create family wealth that she earned her real estate license in order to help others purse their American Dream!